Monday, June 7, 2010

millennium park: one week later

i don't really listen to she & him, but i think a lot of people do because of zooey d. m. ward probably feels bad about this—he's not folk enough to be folk, not rock enough to be rock, and he isn't a cute girl.

i wanted to see zooey d's style in person since i loved it in 500 Days of Summer, but i am bummed when she looks like a go-go dancer instead. however, there is a backup vocalist who is wearing a black and white ruffled dress that i want.

(z.d. casually works in that she went to northwestern and i feel a bit proud at that moment.)

major disappointment


millenium park: memorial day

just after afternoon thunderstorms, volcano! plays millennium park. jenny brings materials for vegan sandwiches, which we make on our laps while sitting in red chairs.
this video looks better on my camera than it does here:

and the band's single video from paperwork